AFU inflicted significant logistical losses on occupiers. Russians have more and more difficulty in holding occupied territories, - Zelenskyi

19 July 2022

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a traditional address to Ukrainians on the evening of July 18

This is stated in Zelenskyi's video message posted on Facebook.

"The Armed Forces of our state have been able to inflict significant logistical losses on the occupiers. The Russian army is finding it increasingly difficult to hold its ground on occupied territory. Step by step we are advancing, breaking the supplies for the occupiers, detecting and disarming the collaborators. The prospect is obvious - the Ukrainian flag will be at all our cities .
It is only a question of time. And while that time continues, do not forget to support informationally and emotionally our people in the occupied areas.

And one more important news about the Security Service of Ukraine. There is a staffing audit of the Service. The issue of the dismissal of twenty-eight officials is being decided. Different level, different directions. But the grounds are similar - unsatisfactory work results", - is noted in the message.

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